Landscape Photography

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding hobbyist, one of the many challenges you might face is choosing the perfect subject for landscape photography.

Given the abundance of natural splendor that’s available, it can be difficult to focus on an appropriate subject for your landscape photography. These tips should help you capture beautiful images of scenic landscapes.


Regardless of where you live, there are probably some really great landscape scenes nearby. Take a drive around the countryside and keep your eyes open for possibility. Perhaps there’s an old farmhouse or beautiful creek that runs near your home. Odds are, you’ve already passed a hundred suitable spots in your daily life. Take the time to think of some of the places where you’ve gone for walks or a drive.

Make a list of possible places and ask your friends if they have ideas. Try scouting potential areas at different times of day to see what the natural play of the sunlight brings out. Scenes change as the sun moves across the land. Something ordinary can become extraordinary with just a shift of light.

Don’t Be Afraid To Follow The Footsteps of Others

Take some time to look at what the landscape photography pros have done in the past. This is particularly helpful if the photographer lives in your general area. Don’t be afraid to look at their shots of local landscapes and think of ways you can improve on what they’ve done.

The same subject from a slightly different angle can become something entirely new and different. If their contact information is available, reach out and ask if the photographer has any special places they’d be willing to share.

If you are going on a trip, look up photographers in that area and check out their galleries. The internet is a wonderful place to find ideas for photography. With just a few key strokes, you can come up with places that others have photographed and get a pretty good idea of how those photos turned out. Some photographers plan an entire vacation around landscape opportunities.