Field-Testing the K&F Concept Large Professional Camera Backpack

K&F Concept is a company that has been around the world of photography since 2011 but admittedly has flown beneath my radar. That was until I was approached about evaluating some of the gear they offer.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve put this bag through it’s paces. The bag or, more accurately a backpack, was tested during some outdoor photography outings and during day to day shooting. It looks outstanding and has some great features that real-world photographers will appreciate.

The Basics

First of all, if you’re the type of shooter who insists that form just as important as function then you will love this pack. The material is a weathered texture and resembles the look and feel of old denim jeans. The color is a blueish-gray with accents being black faux leather.

The entire package is stylish and utilitarian without looking drab or plain by any means. Overall the appearance and feel of the construction is overtly heavy duty yet refined.

All the zippers and buckles are large and work smoothly. There are also grabbers at the end of each zipper for easy handling even if you’re wearing gloves. There’s not much to say about zippers and buckles on camera bags except whether they work well or they don’t… and these do.

Something I noticed immediately was the bottom of the bag, which is also covered in the faux leather material.

This is a great feature and here’s why. When out shooting and you shove off your bag the first thing to often make contact with the ground is the bottom of the pack or bag. The extra protection provided by this material greatly increases the life and wear of the pack. A great feature for those who intend to really use this bag. However, one thing I would like to have saw included would have been a built-in rainfly for sudden rain showers. The material itself seems as if it would likely shed a moderate amount of moisture but the added security of a rainproof barrier is always welcomed.

At the top of the bag is a padded carry handle that makes unshouldered transport a breeze.